March 11, 2009


For all you good people who just stumbled upon this here blog while a-Googling: I wrote these posts between 2006 and early 2008, when I quit because I didn't have the time anymore. The links to the mp3s don't work anymore, as there's been some IP address shuffling going on and I don't feel like changing a couple hundred links. Fancy hearing a particular tune: I'm sure you know where to look. Although I didn't come close to the great KBD Records, Good Bad Music or Last Days Of Man in terms of quantity (and sound quality), I hoped my "personal touch" made up for that, and I was glad to see a bunch of people did enjoy my infrequent postings, among them some of the actual musicians the posts were about!
Although I haven't posted in over a year, I still check the comments from time to time (why? cuz I don't have a life, that's why); nice to see they're still coming. I don't think I'll post any more mp3s, but I think I'll put up links to stuff that I like and that might interest you. We'll see.